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RE: The Best Marketing Event To Hit Europe...

Dear Entrepreneur

If you're like me, you're always hungry to learn.

Imagine being able to attend 1 event and over 3 days learn the most up to date, cutting edge strategies that could help your business explode its revenue in 2020 using the power of the internet.
An event where the best in the world – people that actually DO this stuff not just teach it come to TEACH you not SELL to you!
Now imagine that you were guaranteed to love it or you get your money back!! This would mean you could be armed with the skills your business needs to survive in this modern ‘online age’ to give you and your business the financial stability it needs so you can finally have more time to enjoy life without constantly worrying about making payroll or paying the rent.

Well I also imagined an event like this so I went and made it happen…

I’m sure you understand the importance of learning new skills that can help you start, grow or scale your business but if you’re like me you probably find that the sources of solid, actionable information are pretty thin on the ground.

I can wager a guess that you’ve been to some sort of live event or purchased an online course with the hope that you was going to walk away with some new marketing strategy or new sales technique to help you close more sales or some ‘red hot’ push button, turn key something or other that was going to “change your business forever”!

I would also guess that for the most part anyway that after attending the event or going through the training you were a little underwhelmed. 

Am I right?

Don’t worry, I feel your pain.

The Problem?

The problem isn’t you. The problem is the way most of these events or live trainings are structured.

Most free or low-priced events are designed to give you a little content but then sell further more in depth training from stage getting you to buy at the back of the room.   

Now I want to make it clear I have nothing against these events at all I promote a lot of them myself are they are a fantastic way to get people into your funnel.

The First Problem?

99% Of These Events End Up Being Pitch-fests

For the busy business owner like me and you who don’t have the time to o to one live event just to buy another 3 days event and invest thousands in doing so I wanted to create something where you can pay for the ticket, come to the event and for 3 whole days be taught from guys who are actually in the trenches every day, running and building their business and are true experts in their field. 

And to be taught what they ARE ACTUALLY doing right now to grow their business WITHOUT being sold to or asked to buy the next big thing from the back of the room.

Listen, live events are a great way to learn! I attend them all the time!

Which Leads Me Onto

The Second Problem

Most Of The Good Events Are Across The Pond...

While we do have some amazing events here in the UK and Europe…

… the majority of the good ones are across the pond.

Which is fine.

But it also means you wilI have to spend obscene amounts of money just to GET to the event with flights and hotels, before you even think about buying a ticket.

Oh, and then you’re also away from your family for at least a week…

I usually spend thousands of pounds flying to west coast USA each year to attend Traffic And Conversions because that is one of the ‘good’ events.

Just to give you an idea here it what I paid in total last year to attend:

A lot of time and money that most small business owners don’t have, right?

The same reason you’re not spending thousands on top level courses or mentoring is the same reason most people can’t afford to book a plane ticket, a hotel room and take time away from their family for multiple weeks to fly halfway across the world to listen to industry leaders for a few days.

It’s a real problem…

… and right now there are no marketing events in Europe that seem to offer a solution.

It seems like people have just ‘settled’ with the idea that if they want to go and see industry leaders they need to buy their plane tickets and fly half way around the world.

Well, not anymore.

It’s time to bring the industry experts to your front doorstep!


EMC Live is the biggest marketing event to hit the UK (And Europe)...

… and it all happens on the 4th-6th March 2020 at the Hilton Metropole, Brighton, UK.

After being fed up with the current state of marketing events - I decided to stop complaining about it, and actually do something.

So I’m putting my money on the line, I’ve called in a LOT of favors from some industry leaders - and we’re set to put on something amazing.

The main thing you need to know about EMC LIVE?

It Is 100% Pitch Free And

Every Speaker PRACTICES What They Teach

Learn from the people that actually implement what they are teaching

...and have made millions of pounds from their individual companies.

Plus, you won’t get pitched.

In fact, the only thing for sale at the event will be a ticket for the 2021 event. (And we know that the only way you would even consider booking another ticket is to absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY with actionable information that you can implement into your business)


Our Goal Is To Make It So Good That You Book Next Year's Ticket

... and tell all your friends about it. And we're very open about this goal!

That is the ONLY way we are going to achieve our MAIN goal, which is to make this event the BIGGEST marketing event in Europe by the year 2024! 

We want this to go from 250 attending, to 500, to 1000, to 2000 year on year 4! 

And we can only achieve this by giving you EVERYTHING we can!!

Over the course of 3 days at the Hilton, you'll learn

about the 3 cores of ANY business

These are the 3 things that I believe EVERY single successful business needs to focus on when it comes to building a big business.

Awareness - Traffic - Conversions
Let’s break that down a little further.


What’s the point in having a business if no-one actually knows you exist? You could have the best product at the best price but if no-one knows you exist your customer base is going to stay at zero.

The truth is it’s never been easier than it is today with under priced platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

At EMC Live we’ll show you exactly what you need in order to get people AWARE about your business


Now? You need to be able to get people on demand seeing your offers.

Going back to what we said before, if no-one knows your offers exist - you’re not going to get any sales!

The best and quickest way to do this?

Paid Traffic

We have multiple industry experts attending EMC Live who are going to show you how to identify your target market and avatar then how to actually advertise to them in a cost effective manner!


Now people are aware of you, you need a strategy in place to convert the people who will find you through the awareness efforts you have already implemented and the traffic generation strategies you have sending people to your business. 

You do this by creating really good offers and well crafted sales funnels that are designed to do one thing and one thing only – convert your visitors into leads and then those leads into sales. 

EMC Live has some Conversion Rate experts who will show you step-by-step how to do this.

Inside each of those 3 cores,

we'll break things down even further

We'll reveal up-to-date tactics and techniques that are working and generating millions of pounds and we’ll show you how you can easily implement them into your business.

Facebook Ads

Perhaps one of the BEST paid traffic sources to hit the internet. Our experts will show you how the generated MILLIONS of pounds using this simple-to-master platform.

Sales Funnels

You’ll learn how to build the perfect sales funnel that will guide your customer through a process of buying. Increasing your average customer value in the process!

Google Ads

Unlike Facebook, Google ads are the perfect way to target people who are actively looking for what you’re selling. Mixing this with the Facebook and YouTube strategies are the key to success with paid advertising!

YouTube Ads

YouTube is quickly going from under-dog to powerhouse with paid advertising. Learn why this under-utilized platform could be the difference maker in your paid advertising strategy!

Organic YouTube

Perhaps one of the BEST paid traffic sources to hit the internet. Our experts will show you how they generated MILLIONS of pounds using this simple-to-master platform.

Podcast Marketing

It’s true when people say podcast’s are exploding right now… it’s because they work! Our experts at EMC Live will walk you through how (and why) now is the best time to set up a podcast!

Webinars & Masterclasses

The best way to sell any high ticket product, period. Learn how to craft your own webinar by writing the perfect script and presenting the perfect webinar to sell your offer or service!

Ethical Selling

Something a lot of people are scared of. Learn how to master sales and become a closing king or queen. You’ll learn tactics and real world advice to increase your sales % without sounding sleazy.

Crafting Offers

How do you craft an offer that people HAVE to buy? Our EMC Live experts will walk you through crafting the perfect offer so you have something irresistible in your arsenal!

Messenger Marketing

A new player on the field. Messenger marketing crushes email marketing in terms of open and engagement rates. Learn how to implement it into YOUR business

Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming a more common term amongst us digital marketers now days and is something that CANNOT be ignored any longer. Your business needs a solid content marketing strategy in place if you are going to be around in a few years! That's why we have dedicated a whole section and a world class speaker to teach you how it's done.

Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile is so important now days and with more than 50% of ALL internet traffic coming from mobile it's so important you understand how to use mobile video to capture your audiences attention.

A LOT of things… I Know!

But it’s all combined for our goal that every single person that attends EMC Live will leave with the information they need to double their business before the next event comes around. But don’t take my word for it…

Check Out Our A-Lister Speakers


That's 11 speakers, that,combined have generated

over £300,000,000 in sales

All of them are going to be at the event in front of YOU sharing their latest techniques and strategies… … 

and they won’t be allowed (and don’t want) to pitch you anything.

Just a pure valuable presentation to show you how to improve one of the 3 areas of your business to make sure by the time the 2021 event comes around, you’ve doubled your business!

We're Even Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is With a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

When I say this is going to be the best event of the year... ... 

I mean it.

If after day one of this event, you don't feel like you've made at LEAST 2x return on your investment, come and speak to me or my team and we will refund your money no questions asked.

That's how confident I am.

Buy a ticket - if, for whatever reason, you don't get a ton of value - you get a refund!

I'm putting my money where my mouth is because everything I am doing is leading this to quickly become the best event ever.

This Is Going To Quickly Become

The Event Of The Year

People are going to wonder why they ever attended pitch-fest events… … 

and this is going to be something that gets blocked out on everyone's calendar a year in advance.

(And it’s going to need to be)

This year we only have 250 tickets available… and with a pre-sale list of people already more than 4x that - these are going to sell out QUICKLY.

We’ve already pre-booked our event space for 2021 and have only got 500 tickets there too…

… so anyone that does attend this event is going to get first dibs at 2021 tickets.

But now it comes down to you.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is...
 I’ve got 9 of the top industry leaders (and me :-) to teach you with zero pitches…
I’ve got a seat with your name on it…

 … you just have to decide to take action and finally put yourself and your business first so you can grow it into the machine you know it can be.

 Here’s the catch.

This event is not free

The truth is, the other events get away with giving away free tickets because they know they can just pitch pitch pitch to make their revenue.

We’re not doing that.

We’re paying for some of the best speakers in the country, and the world to share their strategies with you.

We’re putting on an amazing networking party on the evening of day 2 and giving you everything you need to succeed…

… so in return, we do need help to cover some of our costs.

To be honest, I won’t make a lot of money on this event. I’m trying my best to at least break even as I’m putting every bit of profit back into the event to make it the best it possible can be!

I’m in this for the long game and I know this is something that will pay off big time in years to come!

I want to help as many people as possible get in front of REAL entrepreneurs making REAL money… … 

I want to actually make a difference.

So I’ve kept ticket prices as low as possible… … 

but that does also mean we’ll sell out QUICKLY.

Click below to reserve your seat and I’ll see you in Brighton on the 4th-6th March 2020

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  • Access To All Speaker Sessions
  • Access To Networking Party on Day 2
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  • Buffet Lunch All 3 Days
  • Red Carpet Access
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  • Access To All Speaker Sessions
  • Access To Networking Party on Day 2
  • Tea, Coffee & Refreshments All Day
  • Buffet Lunch All 3 Days
  • Red Carpet Access
  • VIP Lounge

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